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Mug Club

What is, MUG CLUB?

It is an exclusive club that allows you VIP opportunities when it comes to our local brews!  You will be the first to try new beers at private events, receive a customized shirt, blow and make your own pint glass at, More Than Lemons in Holton Kansas. Every Mug Club Member will also receive special pricing when using their personal mugs; for a whole year!  

This membership is priced at $200 per year from the time you sign up and receive your t-shirt!

Price includes:

*Free shirt

*Personally blown glass mug

*Exclusive tastings of new brews before they go to market.

*Special pricing on beer when drinking from your OWN PERSONAL mug.

Beer Samples_edited.jpg
Mug Club: About

Mug Club Member Only

Beer Samples_edited.jpg
Mug Club: About
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